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If you have an older TET model that you bought from somewhere and it did not come with an instruction manual, I have provided the ones that I have below, along with a description, drawing, photo or some other identifying features.
Best way to start to identify yours is to look at the brochures below.
Please look at them carefully and try to identify your model. The easiest way is to lay your antenna out somewhere and try to establish:-
- The number of elements.
- Number of traps per element.
- Whether it is dual fed. i.e. There are phasing lines for between the Radiator and Reflector.
- Whether there are plates and 1/4"(6mm) tubes for capacitance loading.
- Wording on the trap caps:-"TET" pre 1985 made in Japan; "EMTRON" post 1985 made in Australia.
hb9cv brochure.pdf


1985 tet emtron.pdf

Any other models are covered by the current model names, e.g. TE-33, TE-23M, TE-46, TE-57. If you need one of these later manuals, please email us so we can send you the approximate vintage, as sizes have varied a little over the years.
The Manuals:- (Hyperlinks only work on available manuals).
hb-23m manual.pdf Two element triband mini beam with dual-drive.
hb33m.pdf Three element triband mini beam with dual-drive.
hb33sp_hb43spmanual.pdf This manual covers both the three and four element triband models with dual-drive and capacitance fed centres.
HB433DX Three element, four band with dual-drive.
HB443DX Four element, four band with dual-drive.
HB35T Four elements on 20m, Five elements on 10 and 15m. Dual-drive.

Rest still under construction.
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603 Trap End Cap
603 Trap End Cap
Our Price: $5.50

Trap End Cap for all model HF Beams and Verticals. more info
25.4mm Insulator
25.4mm Insulator
Our Price: $5.50

BR-25 25mm Insulator.
more info
22mm Insulator
22mm Insulator
Our Price: $6.25

BR22 22.2mm Insulator.
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