Over the years whilst dxing both at home and portable from many locations including Mellish Reef, Willis Island and the like I have been very fortunate to have used antennae supplied by various manufacturers.

Without doubt I have had huge success using the TET-EMTRON range. I have found that the TE33 is very quick and easy to assemble whilst being robust for the high winds that you experience in the Pacific region. The front to back gain is also rather impressive especially on the TE43.

I congratulate Mark on his superb workmanship and proffessionalism. Your back up service also stands out. I look forward to many more years of pleasure using your products..... especially the new addition TE33WARC yagi.

Bill Horner
VK4FW Childers
Qld, Australia

Gday Mark

About twelve years ago I bought a second hand HB35C five element tribander from a local ham here in Biloela. I was told it had been installed in Mt Isa and used up there for a number of years at a RFDS base and had performed well.

So I purchased it (from under his house covered in spider webs) and it sat around for a month or two at my place. I cleaned it up but had no design for the antenna itself to install it. So I contacted TET EMTRON and they sent me up the construction details.

I put the antenna up and had a ball over the following twelve year period. I thought early last year (2006) it was time to replace the rotator so I decided to overhaul the HB35C at the same time.

I contacted Mark and talked to him and the only thing that had changed in the design after talking to him was the pcb design on the cross overs going to the back element. So with twenty dollars worth of new parts and plenty of enthusiasm the HB35C was taken down, cleaned up and reinstalled.

Now the tribander is back up and performing the way it did when it was manufactured all those years ago. The swr on all bands on full legal power does not go above 1.5. My area of interest is sstv dx, and if I am not doing sstv, like all amateurs I am rag chewing.

I am more than happy with this antenna and I expect to get many more years of service out of this tribander and not have to replace it in the coming years.

So being an Australian company making there product here and not importing it I highly recommend the HB35C.

The backup service by Mark is absolutely excellent and still being able toget parts for this antenna after all these years is a rare service today.

Graeme Martin
VK4RD Biloela
QLD, Australia

Another one from Graeme........

Hi Mark.
             After having a HB35C up in the air for many years I decided to update my HF yagi to a TE47. Why I chose this antenna was I wanted to expand my tx capabilities into the WARC bands and to 40 meters. Nearing retirement I wanted something to last for a few years so having such a good run out of previous Tet Emtron antennas they were the obvious choice again. The TE47 has been up two years now and performs like a rocket. Handles the legal limit no problems. Performs well particuarly in a dog pile. I am a fussy and finicky sort of bloke particularly when it comes to performance/price so I am more than happy with my choice and recommend Tet Emtron to anyone.
Graeme VK4RD

Hi Mark

It was great to catch up with you and Ron at the Field days.

Thanks for supplying me with that fiber Rod, I have up loaded that video onto U tube and you are most welcome to use the link as product endorsement on your web site.

Kind Regards

NB: The link to U Tube is ::::    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w99VJUrOtM


Great Antenna!

After months of reading reviews I decided to give Mark (the owner of TET Emtron) a call and talked to him about the TE-33.

Mark is more than willing to have a chat and give all the advise one needs on his antennas. So I purchase a TE-33 and after a week long session in getting my tower  up, the yagi was then mounted.

Assembly was simple and straight forward and instructions easy to follow,  with all elements, boom sections and hardware individually tagged and bagged for easy identification.

The TE-33 has only been up for two days but signals are consistently 2-4s points better on 20m that my G5RV.
I tried another tri bander that I borrowed from a ham friend of mine before I purchased the TE-33, and I am glad to say the TE-33 performs as good if not better.

The hardware is of top quality aluminium and stainless steel, in the 30 years I have been involved in radios, I have never seen a more solid constructed / designed antenna, it's built like a brick out house, but weighs no more that any other three element yagi.

The element to boom and boom to mast mounting brackets are exceptional, they ensure the elements will never move, twist or go out of alignment. The same design brackets are used for the boom to mast mounting, just on a bigger scale.

I loved the way it all went together and mounted on the mast, "SQUARE AND TRUE", no fiddling to square up elements to boom or boom to mast, it just simply, all lined up.

I have no doubt at all that this antenna couldn't stand up to 160kph plus winds, and what helped my investment was the youtube video. (Ref: Todd ZL2SP). The old saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words"

To anyone considering purchasing a yagi,"You won't regret the investment of a TET-EMTRON"

Keep up the good quality workmanship and service Mark, these attributes are not always easy to find.

John VK6 GG

 Apon arrival at my weekend shack today I was greeted with my Tet-Emtron 80/40 meter trapped dipole on the ground. Inspection found main wire broken at insulator on one end so a quick fix got it back up. A while later after not hearing anything or stations very weak I thought this needs  further investigation. A quick look at coax connector told me I had a lightning strike during the week in the storm. It had blown coax out of the plug and fused the center pin into plug, so quick look into spares box I had plugs to fix the damage. After repair my Comet CAA-500 analyzer told me the dipole had suffered no ill effects and the good thing is that I ALWAYS disconnect ALL antennas before leaving the ranch to go home. The moral to this story is be cautious and if people have a weekend shack as I do NEVER leave ANYTHING plugged in no matter what  the weather is. 
I could have lost a Kenwood TS680S and a MFJ993 ATU.

Pretty tuff antenna is all I can say, no trap damage and 20 minute fix and back on air